Recycled Pet Beds

Told we are real bores on the subject of not wasting things.
Well, don’t care see – it’s important!
Whatever we have used, we should be able to return it to the soil.
(Even our tweed ' . ' Jackets and Smocks' . ' follow this rule !)

But what about other people’s waste, the waste that’s here now?

Over 600,000 pieces of plastic was found in one small Cornish cove!

Well we’ve found some people who do not just wring their hands.

This ‘Beco’ lot are doing something !

They mash up millions of bottles to make a soft down, cover it with sustainable cotton and hemp, and turn them into wonderfully comfy pet beds.

This is the ‘Donut’ bed, and nobody’s moving over!

There are two designs, the ‘Donut’ and the discerningly named ‘Mattress’, and both are made to really last with thick, double stitched, removable covers.
The ‘Donut’ looks like...yep you’ve guessed it, and the ‘Mattress’ is a no nonsense 15 cm thick.

He don’t care about no fancy name, ‘Mattress’ suits just fine.

The beds are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and pretty odour resistant.
The whole bed can be washed, but the covers come off easily for more frequent washing.

A quick brush is sometimes all you need though, so with every bed I will send you one of our, again very poetically named, Pet Hair Remover.
(Warning though, once you have one you’ll wonder how you managed without it !)

Just watching is all, going near my lead, or the kitchen, or .....?

We offer two sizes in the ‘Donut’ pet bed, and three sizes in the ‘Mattress’.
Although dogs are funny creatures.
Our Ted, is a border terrier weighing about 10 kg, and for him we bought the small size ‘Donut’ (45 x 55cm) .
For Mungo, our 28 kg ‘collie’ type rescue dog, we have the medium size ‘Mattress’ (99 x 70cm)

Guess which sleeps where ?

The ‘Donut’ Pet Bed

Small is 45 x 55cm £32.95
Medium is 50 x 70cm £42.95
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The ‘Mattress ‘ Pet Bed

Small is 65 x 50cm £37.95
Medium is 90 x 70cm £47.95
Large is 110 x 85cm £62.95
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Both of the above are available in either green or brown.

Sorry though, but we ask you to chip in £8.50 towards carriage (but that’s for however many you buy.)