Pet Hair Remover

I really like straightforward simple things.

Things that simply get on with the job with no frills, bells or whistles.
(That’s why I married Joe, but I digress !)

And nothing is simpler, or does a better job, than our

Pet Hair Remover !

Made from natural rubber over a recyclable plastic core this hair remover will tackle any pet‘s hair (even camels but that’s a long story) simply, easily and with absolutely no fuss !

We have used loads of things in the past: all sorts of brushes, damp washing up sponges even sticky tape, but nothing works as well as this basic, sturdy piece of kit.
It really was a real ‘find’ !
My problem hairs came from Ted (a border terrier), Mungo ( a rescue dog who’s keeping his ‘pedigree’ secret) a grey cob cross ‘Savvy’ (rescued again and kept on a kind neighbours field) and his little mate ‘Glamour’ a Welsh mountain pony.

‘Savvy’, ‘Ted’, ‘Mungo’ and ‘Glamour’ - A right hairy lot !

In particular those short terrier and horse hairs really were such a pain.
All over clothes, settees (no, not the ponies silly), carpets, numnahs, and rugs, everywhere in fact.

But this ‘Pet Hair Remover’ – which doesn’t go in for fancy names – removes them all !

You don’t need any pressure, and you can simply wash it if it gets a bit grubby.

Bad points, well there aren’t any really, although perhaps it’s not as effective on really shiny materials.
(But on the other hand it’s ace for getting rid of ‘bobbles’ on wool !)

The Simply Named
‘Pet Hair Remover’ £5.95

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