Islay Tweed Jackets and Smocks

Do you know of many clothes that are entirely hand made, including buttons ?

Do you know of any cloth where just 10- 15 yards is woven at one time ?

Do you know of clothes that are designed for a lifetime’s use, and more ?

Well, we do !

( Smug, who me ....... really don’t know what you mean.)

I’m going on about clothes hand made for us by a co-operative of lovely people on the Island of Islay - Jeremy his wife Tink and Anne .
The tweed is hand loomed in short runs from the wool of the island’s sheep, the buttons are carved from stag’s antlers and the cuffs, hood and other detail are finished in soft wild goat chamois.
( Unfortunately, to keep the fragile island eco system in balance both the deer and goats have to be painlessly culled - they still very much thrive though !)

The hand crafted ’Wilderness’ range of clothes includes this Jacket ( that’s the fully lined one I’m wearing)

It’s a totally ’Unisex’ range, it’s just for the moment I can’t find any men to photograph. (Joe does not photograph at all well !)

These Islay clothes start from wool of the Island’s sheep - which is hand weaved into tweed that lasts a lifetime, add hand carved buttons, and put all together with the hand stitching of the folk of Islay.

Could anything you wear be more natural ?

Anything be naturally warmer ?

Any clothes more environmentally friendly ?

Could anything you wear be more part of

’Natures Natural Cycle’ ?

This jacket comes in 4 sizes, although I would recommend you size "up" if you want some room to move about.

For example, I’m a very dainty, very petite
(who said ’Huh’) size 10 (ish)
My jacket is the the medium size.

Small30 - 32"34 - 36"
Medium34- 36"38- 40"
Larger38 -42"42- 44"
Large and Roomy44- 46"46 - 48"

We can also arrange made to measure, but that would be a lot more dosh !

Please remember, its a long way from Islay , pronounced ’Eye- La’ ( as Mark twain said about the French, "Great spellers - can’t pronounce" ) so please be careful with sizes when ordering, and your order will be made especially for you.

Any mistakes can take a while to sort out !

Delivery will normally take about three weeks - and I know it’s well worth the wait.

This jacket will serve you well for a long, long time - and then become treasured ’Hand me Downs’.

Ladies and Men’s are the same price, as the real cost is in the hand crafting.

The price is an investment in many, many winters to come.

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