Non Toxic Paint Stripper

Sally, a lovely lady who recently bought some Lifetime Wood Treatment from us, told me all about a totally non toxic paint stripper.

For her Victorian terrace she had “tried cellulose thinners, a heat gun and scraper, Nitromorse, et al” all to no avail.

But the local brewer (I never asked her, mind, how she knew the local brewer so well ) recommended this ‘ere ‘Home Strip’

Like me, when she first heard about this paint stripper - “really strong, but you can safely put your hand in it” - she was pretty sceptical.

But she tried it – and it worked !

Worked really, really well.

No fumes, no toxicity - and all her pets were really, really safe !

As somebody once said, it simply does what it says on the tin.
Totally....... and totally safely !

Well, so what’s all this safety nonsense you say, stop nannying.
We’ll be careful, no problem, old fashioned stripper has always suited us.
O.K. – but your ‘normal’ paint stripper is almost certain to contain one of the following.

N-Methyl Pyrrolidone (NMP) Benzyl alcohol
Proven toxic to the reproductive system of male and female test animals.
Overexposure to NMP irritates the eyes, skin, nose, and throat.
It can also affect the central nervous system or brain causing symptoms of drunkenness.
NMP is easily absorbed through the skin.

Flammable liquid and vapor. Harmful if inhaled. May be fatal or cause blindness if swallowed.
May cause central nervous system depression. May cause digestive tract irritation with nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea. Causes respiratory tract irritation. May cause liver, kidney and heart damage.
- Material Safety Data Sheet ( Avogadro)

Dimethyl Sulphoxide (DMSO)
Commonly reported side effects include headaches and burning and itching on contact with the skin. Strong allergic reactions have been reported. In high concentrations, DMSO can be fatal to humans. Industrial-grade DMSO is sometimes contaminated with other substances. DMSO can cause contaminants, toxins, and medicines to be absorbed through the skin, which may cause unexpected effects. DMSO is thought to increase the effects of blood thinners, steroids, heart medicines, sedatives, and other drugs. In some cases this could be harmful or dangerous. It is a developmental neurotoxin ! ( Sorry couldn’t resist the ! )

Gamma Butyrolactone (GBH)
.............are substances which are often used as recreational drugs. GBH has two effects, at low doses it has a euphoric effect (which is why it is sometimes referred to as liquid ecstasy). GBH also has a sedative effect and at higher doses it can cause unconsciousness. There have been news reports of several deaths associated with GBL.( A derivative.) As of December 2009, GBL has been classified as a Class C drug, carrying maximum jail terms of two years for possession and 14 years for supply.

Methylene Chloride
People exposed to methylene chloride are at increased risk of developing cancer, adverse effects on the heart, central nervous system and liver, and skin or eye irritation. Exposure may occur through inhalation, by absorption through the skin, or through contact with the skin.

Really cheerful soul aren’t I – I’m just saying is all.
( What does make me chuckle – just think of all those disappointed folk who typed in ‘Home Strip’ and landed on this page !)

We have to take up some old ‘Cardinal Red’ ( Joe remembers it – I of course had never heard of it ) from our flagstones so it’s sorted - I’m taking no more risks with the family and our two dopey dogs.
Something that works well and is totally non toxic ?
It’s “just totally a no brainer really” as the youngest member of the family would say !
Well, I agree, why would you want to use anything other than this paint stripper ( and varnish stripper, and tar stripper and lacquer stripper........?)

Non Toxic Paint Stripper
Paint and Varnish Remover
( don’t you just love such a catchy name !)

1 Litre - £12.60

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2 Litres - £20.70

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5 Litres - £46.70

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