Lifetime Wood Treatment

We have been searching for a totally non toxic, totally natural solution to protecting wood in the garden for as long as we have been sitting on garden chairs, and for Joe that's a long, long time.

Well, we've found it - In Canada !

Why should I be surprised you ask ?
Well go on then smarty pants - name me something Canada is famous for ?
Maple Syrup, big lakes, bigger mosquitoes, go on Google it - what do you come up with ?
(Oh, I'm sorry, that's cruel, I have lots of Canadian friends, if only I could remember their names !)

This wood treatment is called Life Time Wood Treatment, really catchy way with words.
( Go on , name me a Canadian author..... sorry, sorry .... I'm off again.)

Hold it though, perhaps I've just realised what Canadians are famous for.

No fuss, no drama, no histrionics - just the ability to get the job done, and the job done properly.

The Canadians very quietly, unfussily, take sustainability very seriously.
They have lots of sustainable wood, so they build with it.
Then they need to protect that wood, but to keep the wonderful environment that gave them all that timber, well, they need to protect it too.

So they developed 'Lifetime™ Wood Treatment' - and it does just that !
No fancy names, no advertising fanfares, the wood working craftsmen who developed it just told it like it is.
A wood treatment which when you put it on, lasts a lifetime !

Lots of water, lots of wood and loads of concern for their environment no wonder they invented 'Lifetime Wood Treatment'
(Mind you, I'm really beginning to wish for a little bit more ooomph in the name!)
This totally non toxic treatment soaks into the wood fibres, changing the structure so that it protects your chair, bench, fence even your dock ( or duck house ) from rot, mould and fungal growth.
Although it protects all sorts of wood from rot, that's all it hurts.
Not your children, not your pets, not your plants, not your fish, not your soil, not your water table.

It's SAFE.

Don't you wish you could remember when the world was always full of wonder, and you just didn't know what safe meant - because you always were.
That's why we dropped all other treatments on our Adirondack Chairs or Benches
Simply, nothing we know is as safe, or as effective, as 'The Lifetime™ Wood Treatment'
( grrr... that name again, do you think LWT would be easier to say ?)

Anyway we are so certain of the stuff, that we give a special pack with every Raised Bed or piece of Adirondack Furniture we send out.

(They have been using it all over the place in Canada, their National Parks and their dept. of Natural Resources to name a couple - if you would like to see a report on safety drop me an e-mail.)

What's the catch you say,

"It's difficult to use" - Well you do have to mix the powder it with water, but that's it.

One coat only, painted, sprayed, rollered, ragged, dipped - your choice.

You can splash it all over ( will sting like soap if it gets in your eye though )

When it's done, it's done - for life ( no , I'm not going to say the name again !)

"Very expensive to buy" - 1 gallon will cover up to 200 square feet ( about 16 sq. metres) that's about 8p per square foot, or a BIG garden bench ( 3 sq. metres) for less than £3.00.

(Even cheaper if you buy enough to make 5 gallons.)

Just mix up what you need to use, the powder will keep indefinitely.

"Will stain my hand a deep mahogany colour" - Oh no it won't !

It washes off with ordinary soap and water.

"Won't work on all wood" - Oh yes it will !

Different woods, if you don't stain them that is, will slowly mature into different colours though.

For example Pine to a greyish silver, Fir towards shades of brown, while Cedar can tend towards a reddish hue.

(All timber tends to crack and warp a bit over time, but the 'LWT' simply migrates into the cracks. Your wood paint won't !)

Anyway, if you have any further questions, please just ask.

We're sure that this wood treatment is the most evironmentally friendly, the most sustainable and totally non toxic wood protection around.

Why doesn't everybody know about it ? - 'Cos it's Canadian of course, it just gets on with the job !

LifeTime Wood Treatment
LifeTime™ Wood Treatment
It just does what is says it does

Makes 1 Gallon
(4.5 Litres approx.)
Covers around 180’ sq.
about 16 sq. mt

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Makes 5 Gallons
(22 Litres approx.)
Covers around 900’ sq.
about 80 sq. mt

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We are really chuffed to be able to offer this wood treatment, but the guys who make it have asked us to say LifeTime™ and logo are owned by Valhalla Wood Preservatives Ltd. (