Supreme Green Lawn Seed

'Supreme Green' does sound a bit pretentious doesn't it, I mean it's only lawn seed !!

Well, yes it is lawn seed - I just object to the 'Only' bit.

If you take a company that has been refining seed for over a hundred years, add some Zeolite (been around for at least hundreds of thousands years ) stir in some Mycorrhiza ( which has been helping stuff to grow for millions of years) what do you get ?

You get a lot of "experience" going into the result.

That's why it's called 'Supreme Green' !

(It does help, though, to know that it produces wonderful green. lawns !)

The seeds are a combination of perennial rye grass, and creeping 'Red Fescue'.
The Zeolite will reduce all that compacting and increase aero-porosity which, in turn, will allow the wonderful Mycorrhiza fungi to get on with its age old job of feeding nutrients and water to your grasses roots

Don't you just love 'Before and 'After' photos.
This is before ( and one of John Rudd's Hay Rakes would've been handy here !)

These are some 'After' pictures.
You can see this is a real family lawn, the 'goal' gives that away !

As with everything we offer, there is no deep secret, no 'wonderdrug' to this 'Supreme Green' lawn seed.
You just take what nature has always offered, and use it.

Use what nature give us, and you will give it back - naturally.

Quite poetic that, it's true though !
( I know, I know - I'm going on about 'Nature's Natural Cycle' again .)

Oh well, while I'm on about bees in my bonnet - have you ever thought about encouraging real bees ( and birds) into your garden with a wild flower garden meadow ?
Don't you really like the idea of a country wide 'meadow' from wild flowers in our gardens ?

The seeds are a mixture of two Perennial Ryegrasses ( Lolium perenne) 'Barbarado' and 'Fandango' both are especially tolerant of drought conditions, tolerant of low temperature germination, but very heat tolerant.
These are backed up with Red Fescue ( Festuca rubra rubra ) which really stands up to wear and tear ( aka "families" !) Enough for about 35 square metres if you are heavily 'patching', or 25 square metres for sowing over a lawn.
1 Kg bag
Only £12.95

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