Privacy & Cookie Policy

We promise you that all information you give us when ordering any Natural Gardener products will never be revealed to anyone else other than with your implied or express permission e.g. Paypal so that you can pay totally securely (and they keep all your card details and financial stuff to themselves, we never see it – nor would we want to !)

We would not dream of passing on your personal details to anybody without your express request or permission - and I can’t think of any reason we would ask such permission !

All information that we are given is held strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the GDPR regulations.

Put simply, we only use information that you have given us to give you the best possible service - and perhaps to let you know of anything new we have found.

So what do we know about you ?

Only what you have told us, and what you have ordered.

We need to know your address, or delivery destination , email and telephone number for two main reasons :-

To give the delivery courier your details so that they can deliver your order quickly, and be able to perhaps tell you when they are delivering, or ask your help if they get lost !

To confirm your order, give any details you need to know (about the lab. sending your bio controls for example) or, rarely I hope, let you know that we have just sold out.

Do we use your stuff for anything else ?

Well not a lot really.

We do the occasional mailing, normally around Springtime, about ground preparation and the like, and at Christmas, about gifts that gardener’s may like.

Here we use ‘Mailchimp’ or similar, again for your security and to make sure we do not write to people who do not want to hear from us - but you can easily tell us never to darken your inbox again, just by clicking the unsubscribe link on our email, or by opting out within the 'Your Account section on our site' !

Incidentally, after we have delivered your order you can just as easily tell me to delete all of your info. if you like. Just email me,, and say delete ! (You can also let me know, if you like, of any changes to your information and things using this address.)


We are not like Google or Facebook and all those other similar types who gather all your data for its own sake.

We only ask for the essentials to get your order to you promptly really, and the only other people knowing your data are Paypal and the courier company (and Mailchimp unless you say “No!”)

Do hope this reassures you, but if you have any questions or worries please just mail me on


Cookies are small text files stored on your computer (PC, tablet, phone etc) by a browser (e.g firefox, IE, Chrome) that hold information about your visits to our site.

We use the cookies for various reasons, such as holding the items you have added to your basket, but not yet bought, as well as the use of tracking cookies, which helps us to improvethe way our site works.

The table below shows you what cookies are being set by ourselves or any third party that set cookies via our site, but for more information on cookies, visit the ICO website at or

Type Name(s) Purpose
Google Analytics _utma
These cookies are used to collect information about how visitors use our site. We use this information to try to improve areas of our site like Navigation and checkout.
Addthis bt
We use addthis to enable you to link to your farvorite social networking site, the addthis cookies enable addthis to track you when you use other sites with the addthis functionality. For more details please click here.
System cookies osCsid This cookie is used to track user journey activity and provide continuity and persistence during a user journey. This cookie is required, to enable you to purchase from our site