Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer

Wormcast (or Vermicompost, or Biohumus take your pick) is such a valuable addition to the gardener’s ‘toolkit’ that using it alongside our other natural, organic aids like Mycorrhiza, Seaweed and Neem when you are planting your vegetables, shrubs and flowers will almost guarantee you a wonderful display or crop.

(My, that’s a long sentence - for me at least !)

But how about if you want to give your established plants something extra ?
Extra, but organic, natural, and totally artificial chemical free !

Well, clever clogs that I am, I know just the stuff.

The wonderfully named

‘Soil Extract Fertilizer from Worm Compost’.

O.K., so the name tells you what it is, but why should you use it ?

Well it has all the good stuff from wormcast, but it is a liquid and so easy to apply to your established plants.
It’s really a highly concentrated extract of Biohumus, containing all of the essential ingredients that plants need.
Stuff such as the three essential acids - humic (loads) fulvic and amino - plus all the macro and micro elements, natural soil antibiotics, fitovitamins and micro organisms that your plants need.
(I really am getting good at these long sentences !)
And they can absorb all of these essentials so easily from this liquid totally organic fertilizer.
(It’s called chelation, if you want to show off – I never do !)

All of these elements help with, and really are so necessary for, germination and healthy root growth.
To say nothing about helping your plants take up nutrients really efficiently.
(This means that the proteins, sugars and vitamins in your vegetable will increase – as will their taste !)

Well, you now know why you should use it, but how would you use it.
Easily (and economically 1 litre gives around 200 litres of humic fertilizer !)

First you simply dilute it in water (lukewarm water is best) the dilution ratio depends on what you’re particularly aiming to achieve.

A. For Root and foliar fertilisation use 1 cap in 6 litres of water

B. For Soil Treatment during Spring and Autumn fertilisation and for replanting use 1 cap in 1.5 litres of water(about 150 ml per plant.)

C. For soaking seeds prior to sowing use 1 cap in 3 litres of water
( Some recommended soaking times are: tubers/onions 1 hr; legume seeds 6 hrs; radish/lettuce seeds 12 hrs; carrots/cucumbers/pumpkin seeds 24 hrs

How often should you apply your organic fertilizer, well I think all gardeners get a feel for such things, but generally the recommendations are :-
Garden Plants – Every 10 days during vegetation period.
Indoor Plants (excluding Cacti and Succulents) – Twice a month.
Cacti and Succulents – Once a month during growing period
Bushes and Trees – Once a week after replanting

For the technically minded, the organic chemical composition of this fertilizer is : -
Humic acids 0.6 – 0.75%.
N-P-K : 0.7% – 0.6% – 0.8% .
Trace elements: Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Mo, Co, Na, Se, Va, B, S, I, Cu.
Ph : 7.5 – 8.5.

Can’t think of anything else to say really, apart from it’s the most natural concentrated organic fertilizer I have been able to find.

1 Litre of Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer

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