Neem Natural Fertilizer

The Neem Tree - Azadirachta Indica - has been used in India for thousands of years.

Freely giving natural medicines, soaps, oils, pesticides and fertilizer while happily growing in drought affected wastelands.
This wonderful plant puts so much back !

Our organic Neem powder fertilizer comes from the seeds after they have been pounded in the age old method to extract the oils.

There is no waste from the Neem Tree !

It’s high in natural nitrogen, potassium, phosphates, trace elements and sulphur compounds. But so, so much more.

Included in well over 100 - and they are still being discovered - bio active ingredients are the bitter limonoids Azadirachtin, Nimbin and Salinin.

(O.K. - I went “Doh” too when this was explained !)

Then they put it nice and simply, these are natural insect repellents, stopping pests feeding, and their larvae growing.
Eel Worms, including them tiny Root Knot types, are said to be particularly put out !

Although Earth worms do seem to really like it.

No wonder Indian villagers love the dense, bug free shade of the “Free Tree of India”.


2.5 kg Neem Fertilizer
Packed in our highly exciting
and desirable recycled carton
- we don't go a bundle at
The Natural Gardener
on fancy packaging !

Just as versatile is our organic Neem Oil .

Pet care and a pest repellent, as with Neem organic fertiliser we are learning more about the benefits of this wonderful stuff every day !

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