Herb Wheel Planter

We’ve always been on about how easy it is to create an ‘Edible Garden’, a garden where beautiful flowers can add subtle, extra flavours to your cooking.
From Bergamots to Tagetes there are some wonderful flowers out there that do not just look and smell good, and help our bees and other pollinators along the way, but also can add a little extra to so many dishes.
(I go on at length, which by now you know I’m good at – on https://thenaturalgardener.wordpress.com )

But how about reversing the whole idea ?

Plants which you know are a really essential in the kitchen used to add that little bit of extra something to your garden ?
Plants always are special, but how you arrange them can certainly add awful lot to the ambience
that’s why I love the practicality and simple elegance of these ‘Herb Planters’.

There are two sizes of these lovely ‘Herb Wheels’ , both having 6 ‘compartments’
One is about 2’6” wide (76cm) the other about 4’ (122cm) wide.
They are about 10”high (25 cm) can be placed right outside the kitchen door.
Easily assembled, the planters are made from FSC pine and carry a 20 year guarantee against rot.

Can’t you just imagine the riot of colours and fragrances that cab be so elegantly displayed in these specially designed planters.

I could, and now I don’t need to imagine !

To really get you started on your new herb garden, we include a pack (360 gr) of the quite wonderful ' . ' Mycorrhizal Fungi' . '.
(Wish I’d discovered this so natural, organic growing aid years ago !)

Herb Planter
(Including organic Mycorrhiza)

2’6” (76cm) Wide Planter

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4’ (122cm) Wide Planter

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