Let’s Get Some More Help From Nature

Seems really mean, using nature to help us in the battle against natural pests and weeds - but we just think of all them man made alternatives !

We have told you about our Neem fertilizer’s effect on Eel worms and the like.

Well how about some really stunning plants, some with wonderfully fragrant foliage, that are easy to grow, last all summer and have been proved to reduce all them root eating nematodes, plus a few greedy beetles.

Too good to be true ?

What if we then added they can be effective deterrents against Ground Ivy, Ground Elder, Couch Grass, Bindweed and other ‘starchy’ weeds ?

Well, we have some !

Tenuifolia Patula
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Patula Erecta Minuta
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Our Tagetes plants won’t do your weeding for you, and you can’t rush nature - the effects take about 3 to 4 months after planting and builds up over the years- but in the meantime most will both give you a glorious display of colour, with fragrant flowers and leaves, just try gently bruising them.