Copper Tools

Copper tools – just a fad ?
Well a fad that has an abundance of history.

There are many theories why copper tools are best for your soil and deter slugs and snails - most of which I cannot understand - but I know of several very influential people and places that I hugely admire always use Copper tools.
People like Charles Dowding, the organic gardener advocating ‘No Dig’ (Joe’s an avid follower) or Waltham Place, a really lovely, natural organic farm and garden well worth a visit and the man we should have listened to so many years ago – Viktor Schauberger.

Viktor Schauberger
Look him up, so much the world could learn.

This is Viktor Schauberger’s ‘Golden Plough’.
The trials he conducted comparing the results of using a copper plough as against conventional steel clearly showed benefits both in crop yield, and pest reduction.
So there !

There is, to my mind at least, another good reason for using copper tools.
They look and feel so beautiful !

Head: 14 cm, 5.5 inches wide
Total length: 155cm, 5ft 1ins
Weight: 1kg, 2lbs 2oz

This is the ‘Hydra Hoe’.

It’s unique swivel head allows you to cut those weeds at the roots while both pushing and pulling.
(Dan Pearson said it is the one tool he would not be without!)

Hydra Hoe £104.00

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The ‘Hydra’ is pretty unique in its action, but then so is our weeder, letting you get more down and dirty !

Length: 10ins, 26cm
Width: 2 1/2ins, 6.5cm
Weight: 130g, 4 1/2oz

The ‘Nunki’ Weeder

It’s just so tactile and satisfying to use.
(Jane Perrone of the Guardian is very taken !)

‘Nunki’ Weeder £29.00

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Oh did you know that between 40 -50% of all the copper in use has been recycled, and it’s been recycled since we first used the metal – over 8000 years ago !
Wonder what your ‘Nunki’ was in its previous life – or lives.

Ask Bob Flowerdrew, Mark Diacono of River Cottage (we’re in his book) or Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor of Country Living Magazine what their favourite trowel is ?
Well, I’m pretty sure I’s the

Length: 12ins, 30.5cm,
Maximum width 3 1/4 ins, 8.5cm.
Weight 8oz, 225g.

The ‘Castor’ Trowel

Light, sharp and beautifully formed it’s an absolute joy to use.

‘Castor’ Trowel £34.00

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Perhaps though you prefer a narrower trowel ?
Helpful for containers or getting that tap root out.

Length: 12ins, 30.5 cm
Blade: 6 1/2 ins long and just over 2 ins wide, 16.5cm x 5.5cm.
Weight: 180g, 6oz

Length: 10 1/2ins, 27cm
Weight: 8 1/2oz, 230g

The ‘Mira’ Trowel

With its narrow blade, lightness of weight yet being so strong this is the deal ‘all rounder’.

‘Mira’ Trowel £34.00

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This is one of the most tactile, the most beautiful and most “crying out to be used” tool I think I know.
Have you seen anything as elegant, as sinisterly enticing ?
I just love it !

The ‘Maia’ Dibber

With its gleaming copper sheath and silver solder tip you will be planting just to be able to use it.

‘Maia’ Dibber £36.00

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The ‘Vega’ Fork

With its Beech handle, curved head and tines this is just not only so tactile and beautiful – it’s as tough as old boots !

‘The ‘Vega’ Fork ' £34.00

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These are just a few of the copper tools we have available.
Everything from whacking Mattocks to delicate mini Forks.

Just drop me a line at to ask if we can supply it.