Copper Tools

Copper tools – just a fad ?
Well a fad that has an abundance of history.

There are many theories why copper tools are best for your soil and deter slugs and snails - most of which I cannot understand - but I know of several very influential people and places that I hugely admire always use Copper tools.
People like Charles Dowding, the organic gardener advocating ‘No Dig’ (Joe’s an avid follower) or Waltham Place, a really lovely, natural organic farm and garden well worth a visit and the man we should have listened to so many years ago – Viktor Schauberger.

Viktor Schauberger
Look him up, so much the world could learn.

This is Viktor Schauberger’s ‘Golden Plough’.
The trials he conducted comparing the results of using a copper plough as against conventional steel clearly showed benefits both in crop yield, and pest reduction.
So there !

There is, to my mind at least, another good reason for using copper tools.
They look and feel so beautiful !

Ask Bob Flowerdrew, Mark Diacono of River Cottage (we’re in his book) or Stephanie Donaldson, Gardens Editor of Country Living Magazine what their favourite metal for a trowel is ?
(Well, I’m pretty sure I begins with ‘C’ )

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This is the ‘Nada’ trowel.

It is so light, only 240 grams, yet its size – it’s 30 cm x 9.3 x 16.5 - lets you tackle quite rough stuff (look at the state of that soil !)
As with all our tools it has a 12 year guarantee on its metal bits, 2 years on the Ash handles.

‘Nada’ trowel £42.50

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plus we ask you £3.95 towards the courier..

Perhaps though you prefer your trowels a little leaner – and perhaps little ‘meaner’ ?

Well if you do, what about the ‘Deva’ ?
Helpful for those containers, or tap roots and stuff.

This is it, the ‘Deva’ trowel.

It’s even lighter than it’s big brother, only 165 grams, and its size is a little nimbler at 27.5 cm x 7 x 14.5.
You can still tackle the rough stuff though, although perhaps with a little more finess !
It’s £39.50 ( plus that £3.95 towards the courier.)

And, as always, the guarantees are there.

the ‘Deva’ trowel. £39.50

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How about this new shape for weeding ?
Although quite romantic, its heart shape lets you get right up to the stem of your plant or vegetable without harming it.
Clever huh ?

It’s the ‘ Ljubica’ weeder.

(Did I mention all our Copper tools are made with love in Slovenia.)
It really lets you get to grip on those young weeds without getting your hands too down and dirty !
Very light too at 190 grams, but its size of 41cm x 7.5 x 8.5 is ideal for both the intricate and more hefty stuff.
That Slovenian soil looks like it really needs a toughie !
It is £39.60 ( plus we ask you £8.75 towards the courier – costs me a lot more, honest !)

The ‘ Ljubica’ weeder £39.60

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plus £8.75 contribution towards the postage

Oh did you know that between 40 -50% of all the copper in use has been recycled, and it’s been recycled since we first used the metal – over 8000 years ago !
Wonder what your ‘Ljubica’ was in its previous life – or lives.

How about a tool that really cuts deep ?
A tool that gets around those long roots, then a twist and a pull and they are out !

It’s the ‘Rarog’ knife.

(Sounds like something out of Tolkien !)
Like its gentler cousin Ljubica, it also is a light 190 grams, but its size of 32cm x 3.75 x 16 is designed for a direct attack on those stubborn deep rooted weeds.
Those that often pop up in the most awkward of places !
This tough guy can also be used for your carrots and stuff though, so it does have a gentler side.
It is £39.90 ( plus that £3.95 towards the courier.)

The ‘Rarog’ knife. £39.90

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plus £3.95 contribution towards the postage

Moving on from getting rid of weeds, how about planting some stuff ?
This is one of the most tactile, the most beautiful and most “crying out to be used” tool I think I know.
Have you seen anything as sinisterly enticing ?
I just love it !

The ‘Svarog’ Dibber

Its gleaming copper drives into the toughest of soil so, dare I say it, sensuously.
Weighing in at only 190 gr. and being 25.5 cm x 4 x 15.5cm it is such a refined tool.
You will be planting your bulbs and young plants just so you can use it !
£39.90 plus that £3.95 contribution to the courier.
(Well the do try for next working day delivery.)

The ‘Svarog’ Dibber £39.90

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plus £3.95 contribution towards the postage

Been away a bit ?
Or perhaps just taken a break from gardening ?
Whatever the reason, sometimes those beds have suddenly been crowded with sprouting weeds between your carefully laid out plants
You need some tough, but gentle, love.

Meet the Veles ‘Claw’ !

The ‘Veles’ Claw

This is a really well designed tool, its central hook recessed allowing you to straddle your plant.
You can hoe away the weeds on each side while aerating the soil – double whammy.
Really robust enough to tackle the job but only weighs 272 grand is 41 cm x 7. x 8.5 – really slinky.
It is only £58.80 plus £8.75 towards that courier.
(Sorry they charge more for the longer stuff.)

The ‘Veles’ Claw £58.80

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plus £8.75 contribution towards the postage

So, SO, sorry but there is a computer glitch and the 'Veles' comes up as out of stock - it isn't !! Can you email me on if you would like one - apologies for the hassle !
Sometimes the need arises for a tool that really allows you to get stuck in.
(Which can be very therapeutic too !)
Call it a digger, an adze, a hoe or whatever - it is perfect for that sort of job in small areas.
But is still so light and, like all of our copper tools, so very, very tactile.

It is called the ‘Vida’.

This is the “What you may call it” ’Vida’

It is a smaller version, only 40 cm x 6 x 20, of a tool whose basic design goes back millennia.
It only weighs 300 grams though so can be very easily used by the smallest of us (like me !)

£54.50 plus that courier charge again of £8.75

The ‘Vida hoe’ £54.50

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plus £8.75 contribution towards the postage

These are just a few of the smaller copper tools that my friends Tina and Tomaž who carefully create them in the old Slovenian town of Radovljica.
(Aided by their friends like Krek who sustainably harvests the Ash for their handles.)

If you are interested in larger versions of these tools, or perhaps different designs entirely, just drop me a line at
Sure Tina and Tomaž can help.