Terms & Conditions

Was told we had to put something in, don’t know why really, all the gardeners I have met are very sensible people !

All of the items offered here are natural products, and we have told you how we use them.

However, nature occasionally has a sense of humour, and certainly does not produce things on a conveyor belt !

So for example, chemical analysis may vary a bit from one sustainable harvest to another.

Also, we are sure you will find your own way of using our products, particularly when it comes to making compost, and we certainly would not dare tell you how best way to pot up, plant out or any of the other job’s that each gardener does in their own particular way.

Therefore we cannot really take responsibility for the use of our items, apart from giving general advice which you may find helpful.

Just one point though, we do not recommend using our pure seaweed granules as a fertile mulch for seedlings - bit like giving a steak sandwich to a new born baby !

[ It’s fine mixed in the compost though, especially with some Neem]