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2" Round Plug set2" Round Plug set
Green Start SetGreen Start Set
One Truffle TreeOne Truffle Tree
Three Truffle TreesThree Truffle Trees
10 X Handmade Chestnut Plant Supports10 X Handmade Chestnut Plant Supports
Ten Truffle TreesTen Truffle Trees
Hare and Fritillaries Coaster SetHare and Fritillaries Coaster Set
Barley Malt ExtractBarley Malt Extract
Mycorrhizal Fungi - 60 Gram SachetMycorrhizal Fungi - 60 Gram Sachet
1 Litre of Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer1 Litre of Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer
Goldfinch and Teasels Limited Edition PrintGoldfinch and Teasels Limited Edition Print
Hare and Snakeshead Fritillaries Greetings CardHare and Snakeshead Fritillaries Greetings Card
Blackbird Limited Edition PrintBlackbird Limited Edition Print
Hare Limited Edition PrintHare Limited Edition Print
Bumblebee on Clover PrintBumblebee on Clover Print
Bumblebee & Verbena Coaster SetBumblebee & Verbena Coaster Set
Bumblebee on Verbena Greetings CardBumblebee on Verbena Greetings Card
40 Litre Bag of Biohumus Wormcompost40 Litre Bag of Biohumus Wormcompost
2 * 40 Litre Bags of Biohumus Wormcompost2 * 40 Litre Bags of Biohumus Wormcompost
Coir Compost DiscsCoir Compost Discs
3 Bat Houses3 Bat Houses
The ‘Premium’ Bird Feeding StationThe ‘Premium’ Bird Feeding Station
Hedgehog HouseHedgehog House
The Adirondack Higher Seat ChairThe Adirondack Higher Seat Chair
Eco Hedgehog HouseEco Hedgehog House
Two Adirondack Higher Seat ChairsTwo Adirondack Higher Seat Chairs
Eco Hedgehog Home with ‘Starter’ KitEco Hedgehog Home with ‘Starter’ Kit
Baby Triple Platform Bird TableBaby Triple Platform Bird Table
One Adirondack ChairOne Adirondack Chair
The Adirondack Higher Stool - One StoolThe Adirondack Higher Stool - One Stool
Two Adirondack ChairsTwo Adirondack Chairs
The Adirondack Higher Stool - Two StoolsThe Adirondack Higher Stool - Two Stools
The Baby AdirondackThe Baby Adirondack
The ‘Original’ Adirondack Stool - One StoolThe ‘Original’ Adirondack Stool - One Stool
LifeTime™ Wood Treatment - Makes 1 GallonLifeTime™ Wood Treatment - Makes 1 Gallon
The ‘Denby’ Bird TableThe ‘Denby’ Bird Table
The ‘Original’ Adirondack Stool - Two StoolsThe ‘Original’ Adirondack Stool - Two Stools
LifeTime™ Wood Treatment - Makes 5 GallonsLifeTime™ Wood Treatment - Makes 5 Gallons
The ‘Lodge’ Bird TableThe ‘Lodge’ Bird Table
Goldfinch Coaster SetGoldfinch Coaster Set
Seaweed GranulesSeaweed Granules
Neem Organic FertilizerNeem Organic Fertilizer
Bumblebee Coaster SetBumblebee Coaster Set
2 x 1 Litre of Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer2 x 1 Litre of Organic Worm Compost Extract Fertilizer
Chicken Coaster SetChicken Coaster Set
Hare and Bluebells CardHare and Bluebells Card
Mycorrhizal Fungi - 360 Gram PacketMycorrhizal Fungi - 360 Gram Packet
Bumblebee on Verbena PrintBumblebee on Verbena Print

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