Grow Trays


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
Grow Trays 19 cm ( 7-8”) long, about 15 cm wide and 7 cm deep

Quantity: 5

Coming from what would be the unused husks of coconuts, our coir fibre is a totally renewable, and constantly renewed,natural resource.

Each tray is hand crafted by village women from the poorest area of Southern Sri Lanka.

Fair trade in sustainable material which offsets Co2, think that really fits in with natures cycle !

Naturally growing coconut palms actually help reduce C02 emissions - try saying that about an oil well !

The coir trays, hand made by the friendly people of Sri Lanka, come to you on scheduled ships, and happily biodegrade when you plant them, and so a natural resource returns back to your soil.

These seed trays can be re-used for a couple of years, but will eventually be ready to biodegrade naturally back into the soil they came from.