Nemasys’s Leatherjacket nematodes - 110 square yards


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Steinernema feltiae

These tiny nematodes will clear your lawn and flower beds of leatherjackets - without harming anything else.

So easily - So naturally

You need watering can, a stirrer and a packet of Nemasys’s nematodes.

Then, a couple of weeks after you see the crane fly, drench the ground with the mixture.

No need to worry about kids, pets, Honey Bees or song birds - it’s harmless.

Except to leatherjackets of course.

Please remember a couple of things though.

Always refrigerate the pack when you receive it, keep the treated ground well watered, and apply when the temperature is above 12 degrees Centigrade - although perhaps best not to apply it on too hot a day as it may dry out too quickly. Also these nematodes can only really be effectively applied between late summer and earlyish Autumn, up to say mid October.

Full instructions included with the pack.

Enough for about 110 square yards. ( Say 100 sq. metres )