Tagetes 'Patula Nana'


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Natural weeding and pest repelling !

‘Boy O’ Boy’ grows about 6 inches (15cm) tall, and is Double Flowered

These little Tagetes Patula ‘Nana’, or French Marigold (which come from Mexico ! ) are not just pretty faces.

Over a two year trial, they were shown to reduce root damaging nematodes by 90 %. The lovely little annuals can be fragrant, with sweet smelling foliage when bruised.

The more majestic ‘Erecta’ also offers summer long flowers, offset by the lovely delicate ‘Tagetes’ leaves.

Both are effective companion plants, but we just love them for themselves !

The sunny, lively ‘Boy O’Boy ‘Nana’ range roves around the orange, yellow and gold spectrum, some with a hint of maroon.

A packet of about 100 ( my husband’s hands are a bit shaky ! )