Seaweed Granules


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A Natural Renewable Harvest of the Sea Seaweed !

From the cold clear, unpolluted waters surrounding the Shetland Isles our seaweed - Ascophyllum nodosum -is harvested by hand at low tide.

The harvesters, using a very sharp knife, ensure at least 6” of the stalk is left to regenerate, growing back stronger than ever.

Collected in nets or buckets, it’s moved a few hundred yards to the drying sheds.

Simply dried and bagged it then begins the journey to your garden to start that wonderful ‘Natural Cycle’ thing again.

Can anything be more natural, and sustainable ?

Natures natural cycle, it's the only way.

4 kg Seaweed Granules in our Re-usable Jute Bags

Ideal to aid plant growth in so many ways, you will particularly see the benefit of adding to your compost for growing tomatoes and all soft fruits.