Natural Gardener's Compost Plus


Product may vary slightly from image representation.

Natural organic compost is ‘ Nature's Natural Cycle' - no waste, no fancy stuff, just putting something back !
But how about if we could choose what exactly we put back ?
Absolutely nothing wrong with the hard turned ( where do all those potatoes come from ?) compost in your heap – and I’m pretty proud of mine – but how about some compost with more selected Oomph.
More specifically, selected organic stuff growing your plants and veggies just a little bit more quickly, just a little bit more healthily and being just a little bit more protected.

Well I reckon I’ve developed just the thing – no waste, totally organic, no artificial chemicals and, most definitely, no peat !
I have called it, quite modestly,the

Natural Gardener's Compost...Plus.

Coir is the base, it’s the ‘powder’ between the tufts of the outer husk of the coconut.
Biohumus, known to the more technically minded as ‘Worm Poo' is a much more active constituent.
Seaweed from the cold, fresh Atlantic is another key ingredient towards the ‘Plus’ part of our compost.
Neem, a name redolent of the East, and it even smells like curry !