Tagetes 'Minuta'


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Natural weeding and pest repelling !

Tagetes ‘Minuta’, aka ‘Muster John Henry’ - sorry we have no idea why !

Well, lets face it - this annual plant can be a bit of a thug !

It grows about 4 foot tall [ O.K.- around 1.2 m] with tiny flowers - hence ‘Minuta’ - and these only come out at the end of a long season.

But it probably has the strongest effect of all the Tagetes on Nematodes, Slugs, and all those intrusive weeds.

Perhaps these plants could form an ideal back border to the vegetable plot - ‘on guard’ all summer plus we’re pretty sure the effects build up over the years.

It is probably is too cold for it to seed in the U.K. so it’s your very own controllable thug !

Sow them shallowly in the greenhouse, in biodegradable pots of course, early enough to plant them out after frosts have gone ( they are big babies in the cold ).

They do like to be in the sun, but grow in most well drained soils.

Each packet contains about a 100 seeds