3 Kg Biochar with 360 Gr Mycorrhiza and 2kg Seaweed Granules


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Buy a 3 Kg Bag of Biochar with 360 Gr Mycorrhiza and 2kg Seaweed Granules

By buying pure Biochar you not only hugely enrich your soil, but add 'carbon capture technology' in your garden.(This is totally pure Biochar not mixed with anything else !)
Every 5 Kilograms of Biochar that you use will not only really, really increase the fertility your soil, but will capture 4 Kilograms of Carbon for probably thousands of years. Totally organic, Environmentally friendly, Eco friendly fertiliser.

Made locally from waste wood Oxford Biochar is not only perhaps the longest effective fertiliser you can add to your soil but aids water retention and stops the leaching of nutrients.

We totally believe in Biochar, and now I mix it with all my compost, about 10% does it.

Adding totally natural organic Mycorrhizal Fungi, just enough to cover the spread of the roots, blends Nature’'s natural growth aid millions of years old to Biochar’'s natural ’technology’ a mere 4000 or so years old.

Rootgrow and Biochar, natural growing aids which will enhance your soil evermore.

Seaweed granules are a wonderful addition to your growing media generally, but adding it to your compost for tomatoes and soft fruits will really make your plants happy – and fruitful ! For a really detailed exposition of Biochar, take a look at the report from 3 Professors https://www.dropbox.com/s/1zcjw6pqhakqegs/CG_BBE_2013.pptx