LifeTime™ Wood Treatment - Makes 5 Gallons


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LifeTime™ Wood Treatment- Totally safe for your Environment - Makes 5 Gallons

This totally non toxic, eco friendly wood treatment soaks into the wood fibres, changing the structure so that it protects your chair, bench, fence even your dock ( or duck house ) from rot, mould and fungal growth.

Although it protects all sorts of wood from rot, that’s all it hurts.

Not your children, not your pets, not your plants, not your fish, not your soil, not your water table.

That’s why it’s used by the Canadian National Parks because they demanded a totally environmentally friendly wood treatment !

  • 100% Water based
  • 100% Non toxic
  • 100% VOC free
  • 100% Safe

Makes 5 Gallons
(22 Litres approx.)
Covers around 900’ sq.,about 80 sq. mt