2 x 1kg Bags of Soap Nut Shells


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2 x 1kg Bags of Soap Nut Shells

Buy soap nut shells for a totally natural, organic, sustainable, biodegradable detergent.

Take 4 or 5 Soap nut shells, perhaps one or two more if you are in a hard water area, pop them into the little cotton bag that they come with and put the.m into your washing machine.

That's it - apart from you can use the same shells two or three times before you put them on the compost heap.

You don't need to add any fabric softener, the natural Saponin in the soap nut shells leaves your clothes lovely and soft.

Because of their gentle nature, the saponins are perfect for silks, woolens and all those delicate things, particularly as your soap nut shells work perfectly well at about 40 degrees or even lower.