Number 7 Trug


Product may vary slightly from image representation.
This Number 7 is 24” long by 12”wide, and holds an awful lot.

This is a real man size Trug !
Although it is still nearly as light to carry as our No 5 Trug and No 6 trug it holds loads and loads - so unless your good at arm wrestling don't load it up with potatoes !

Well, perhaps I am exaggerating a bit (I mean if you did load up this Trug with potatoes you would have to have an awful lot of people coming to supper !)
It's a lovely, elegant hand made Trug that happens to be able to carry loads of stuff. It will last you years and years, and needs very little maintenance, if any.
(It fact I think it's because I find it so satisfying and enjoyable putting sunflower oil on these Trugs is the real reason that I do mine occasionally.)

A handmade trug, made in Sussex by one of the last full time craftsman in the art of trugmaking!