Garden Hamper


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Our ‘Garden Hamper’


1 x No. 7 Handmade Trug
12 x Root Runner Coir pots in a tray with Coir Compost discs.
12 x 4” ( 10.75cm) Coir Pots
1 x 2.5 kg bag of Neem
1 x 2 kg bag of Seaweed Granules
1 x 60 gr sachet of Mycorrhiza

Oh, if you like we could make up your own special hamper, just call or drop me an e-mail.
( And we can always pop in a card. )

I suppose it's a bit of silly calling this a 'Hamper', 'cos there's nothing to eat in it - yet !
But just think of all the goodies the things in this hamper will help you grow, then just think of collecting all those soft fruits, all those veggies, all those roses, and all those flowers in your Trug.

Your Trug will last for years, and the goodness you could put into your garden with the contents of this hamper, Mycorrhiza for example, will be an everlasting gift to your garden.

No, nothing to eat yet: but can you think of any other hamper's contents being as long lasting ?

We think our hamper is a really lovely and practical suggestion - but you may disagree ( Joe's always being disagreeable !)
So just tell me what you would like to see in a 'hamper', and I'm sure we can sort it out.
Emma for example thought the best thing for her Dad was a 'hamper' full of gardening goodies but put into one of our hand made sieves - wish I'd thought of that ! ( She did get a customised 'handmade hamper' for her Mum though.)