Pest Controller

Squeamish about mouse traps ?
(And I can’t even think about traps for the “other” rodents !)
Yep, I am too.
Plus the thought of putting down poison is just so inhumane, not to say so dangerous to kids and pets.
Do we have to put up with them, after all they are nature’s creatures too ?

Well so are tigers, but that doesn’t mean I want to share my kitchen, my garden shed or my bedroom with one !
(Or in the case of mice lots and lots more than one !!)

So we don’t want to kill them, but we do not want to share our space with them ( I won’t even begin to tell you of their toilet habits !)

So how do we get rid of them ?
How do we make them feel really unwelcome.
Well, we have the answer.

Ultrasonic Sound

“Can’t stands no more. It’s ‘orrible !”

Those clever guys who developed the ‘ Catwatch also produce the so evocatively named

Really though it’s a no nonsense name for a no nonsense piece of kit. This mouse repellent simply makes mice go away.
No poison, no traps, no effect on kids, pets or any other wildlife (although it has been reported as effective on rats too)
your mice will be gone – for good.

You put in a battery (PP3 9v, lasts 6 months) turn it on and get an area of up to 1000’ feet totally mouse free – simples.
It emits a 40KHz ultrasonic signal every 8 seconds or so and mice hate it.
( Although you, your kids and your pets won’t hear it.)

“O.K.” I can hear the more cynical among you say – “What’s the catch ?”

Well, the only ‘catches’ are that the ultrasonic sound gets a bit muffled by walls, floors and ceilings.
So you may need one for every room infected by mice.
Also, although the effect is permanent, the mice may take up to two weeks to pack their bags, perhaps longer if you have hordes of the creatures.
But when they’re gone, they’re gone.

Your mouse controller needs no maintenance, apart from new batteries, is made in the UK and the makers offer a 2 year guarantee (this doesn’t include you jumping on it though !)
It really is the simplest most effective way of keeping your home permanently vermin free.

Pest Controller
(Ultrasonic Mouse Repellent)

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