Mulch Mats

Keep them Weeds Away, the Mulch Mat Way
Organic, Biodegradable and Sustainable

Well actually they do a little more than just acting as a very tidy mulch, a mulch staying right where you put it

They last at least a couple of seasons.

Just leave them there until they go back to the soil.

It will do no harm, and perhaps a little good.

Including a sneaky way to catch those slugs in the daytime!

They conserve water, give insulation, and really put out some pests, for example the cabbage white fly.

We use them in our larger pots, around the cherry and bay trees, covering the tubs of lily bulbs over winter, in fact anywhere we are fed up with weeding, or weeding could be a little tricky.

Made from organic coir and natural latex, they can easily be cut to shape with a sharp knife if you have some awkward little places.

20 cm 45 cm 60 cm 90cm Sqr
Five Five Five Three
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