Larger Plugs

Some Larger Plugs, Still Full of Natural Good Stuff

We have just finished trialling these larger ‘plugs’ which the ladies of Sri Lanka make for us.

Full of natural coir compost, wrapped in coir fibre and very much hand made, I tried them with both our broad and runner beans, and pumpkins*.

Was really chuffed with the results.

Two wet weeks later
( far too wet to cut the grass ! )

Here I am planting the beans out in our new raised vegetable beds.

Joe made them from old pallets which were just going to be thrown away - he does have some uses !

He’ll fall asleep soon - then I’ll bury it !

Must admit, I did dig in a couple of handfuls
of some Neem and Seaweed when I planted out.

Daisy also grew the ‘Three Sisters’ in one of our sets - Sweet Corn, Runner Beans and French Beans, which gave me an idea for something different to “goody bags” for the next party.

* Have you tried Squash risotto - it’s lovely - drop me an e-mail for the recipe.

These plugs are over 2” round and just over 3” deep.

A set of 4 come complete with a Grow Tray

Just take off the ‘lid’, pop in your seed or cutting, water and wait.

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