Garden Hamper

Earlier in the summer, a young lady from the wild and woolly west of Wales (actually she lives in beautiful Carmarthenshire, but I do like a bit of dramatic description) kindly bought two of our handmade Trugs – and then said very nice things about them.
Thank you Jean !

Jean had a No 6 and a No 5, and used them to gather loads of stuff for jams and chutneys.

She had originally heard about us from Mark Diacono’s book ‘Veg Patch’ which is all about the very productive garden down at River Cottage
(Mark is head Gardener, a really lovely chap, as is absolutely everybody I have ever met down there !)
Well, Jean came up with an idea that really started me thinking, how about ‘Trug Hampers’ ?
So here is our first ever ‘ Gardeners Hamper ’

Everything to get you started, apart from the seed !

“O.K. but what is in it” I hear you cry (“and you take terrible photo’s” I hear you mutter ! )

Well, we start off with a handmade No 6 Trug, it holds 3 gallons ( remember them ) and you can really see how much you can actually get in it.

Next there is a tray of 12 Root Runner pots, complete with compressed coir discs
(just like the ones that go into our Green Start Sets.)
Add water, pop in your seed, cutting or little bulb and you have started a new cycle of life !

Then, when your plant grows up a bit, there are all sorts of goodies waiting to help it on its way.

Here is plant in a Root Runner starter pot ready to be moved up to the ‘big school’.
Like always, it’s a big jump, but you can make it painless !

There are 12 of our 4” biodegradable Coir Pots ready and waiting to welcome your plants.
You can plant your Root Runners straight into these if you like.
Then in turn these 4” pots can be planted straight into the garden when the time is ripe.

So here is what I would do next, first get about 6 -7 litres compost, that’s about 12 tea mugs.
( I’m totally hooked on the wormcast -Biohumus - compost, but I couldn’t fit a bag in the hamper !)
Then add about tea cup each of the Neem and the Seaweed Granules from the hamper and mix it all up.
( No, honest, I’m not trying to teach my Grandmother to suck eggs, I’m just saying what I would do see !)

Half fill the 4” pots with your mixture, make a hole for you plant, or complete Root Runner.
Sprinkle enough of the Mycorrhiza powder to cover the bottom of your hole,that’s just enough to cover where the roots will go.

Add your plant, top up your pot with the compost – and wait for one of the healthiest plants you have ever grown !

A little while later (on the ‘gardeners’ time scale that is) is when you may be needing your trug.
How else are you going to collect all those cut flowers, all those veggies and all that fruit
- all that wonderful stuff that started out as a seed, cutting or little bulb in your Root Runner.

I know I go on a bit, but really, isn’t Natures Natural Cycle wonderful !

Our ‘Garden Hamper’

No. 6 Handmade Trug
12 x Root Runner Coir pots in a tray with Coir Compost discs.
10 x 4” ( 10.75cm) Coir Pots
2.5 kg carton of Neem
2 kg bag of Seaweed Granules
60 gr sachet of Mycorrhiza

Only £112.80

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Oh, if you like we could make up your own special hamper, just call or drop me an e-mail. ( And we can always pop in a card. )