Eco Edge Borders

Always very wary of statistics, people sometimes seem to make make them up to support some cause or other.
But one statistic, which I've checked, is pretty solid.
79% of all the plastic ever created is still in the environment.
That means that of the 8.3 BILLION tonnes of plastic produced in the last 60 years close to 7 billion tonnes is still around.
Polluting our environment, creating an ever growing malignant heritage for our children.

We will recycle you say.... oh yeah.

Get on with it then - only 9% according to the National Geographic is recycled worldwide.
( Although admittedly us Brits are doing much better, at around 44%, although we've been stuck around there for a couple of years.)

But plastic is useful, it's strong, it does not rot, need not be toxic and will last for years and years.
(Around 400, that's part of the problem !)

How wonderful if we could take all this good stuff and just use plastic over, and over, and over again.
No waste, no Dolphins choking, and no abysmal scarring of our environment.

Well there is one garden product that is fully recycled, and recyclable.

( In fact there are several, ask me about the benches, raised beds and the like.)

I'm on about Eco Edge border edging.

Eco edge is produced from all sorts of plastic collected and recycled from all over the country.
As well as being produced from totally recycled plastics, it is totally recyclable itself.
But this is no wimpy edging, it will be many years before my border gets tatty, and will certainly see me out.

(Ever cheerful me !)

Really chuffed though to have found this edging, if only we could collect a 100% of our plastic and re use it.

(But somehow I suspect the oil companies and plastics manufacturers, often the same lot, would fight tooth and nail to avoid that ! )

Comes in 'Rolls' for soft (or sharp) bends and 'Straights'.
Dimensions for each are a bit different.
Rolls are 20 m long 140 mm high and 7 mm thick
Straights are 2 m long also 140 mm high but are 10 mm thick
The stakes you would need for either are 380 mm and designed to be hidden when you edging is fully installed.
(We recommend you stake on joins and then about 50 cm apart.)

You will need a :-
Hammer (they recommend a rubber one, we didn't have one so used a piece of wood between the stakes and the hammer)
Saw, unless your edging is a perfect fit, a hacksaw would be best.
Spirit level, not strictly necessary but can add that professional touch.
Drill and stainless screws, two per stake.
Sounds daunting ?
It isn't, I mean Joe did ours !

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Eco Edge Totally Recycled Border Edging

20 metre Roll - £83.90

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(Delivery £8.75)

1 * 2 metre Straight - £9.80'

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(Delivery £19.00)

5 * 2 metre Straight - £45.00

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(Delivery £19.00 Really sorry but the courier charges us much, much more.)

10 * Stakes - £25.75

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(Delivery £8.75)

Really sorry about these delivery contributions - but the courier charges us a lot more because of their length !

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