Organic Compost - Biohumus Wormcompost

”Without the work of this humble creature, who knows nothing of the benefits he confers on mankind, agriculture as we know it would be very difficult if not wholly impossible.”
Charles Darwin wrote this in 1881 in “The Formation of Vegetable Mould, Through the Action of Worms”

Our organic compost cannot be more natural, just worms producing Nature's recycled compost. Totally naturally, totally organically.

These are some Red Worms (Eisenia fetida.... O.K. showing off again) getting stuck into making your vermicompost
(Wormcast to most of us !)

They don’t actually know they are making it, just doing what comes naturally.
Recycling Nature’s waste stuff by turning it into super compost – biohumus.

( I say ‘waste’ but of course Nature wastes nothing, and these little worms recycling dead leaves, plants and all sorts of other natural stuff reallyjust perfectly demonstrate ‘Nature’s Natural Cycle’ ! )

You know I could get really boring going on about wormcast
(“It’s never stopped you before” I hear the less sensitive of you say)
but this so natural vermicompost stuff (why does it have so many names this biohumus) simply does so many good things to your soil, and so naturally.

It contains not just many but all of the macro and micro nutrients your soil needs.
Enzymes, soil antibiotics, vitamins, growth hormones like Indole-3-acetic acid (IAA), kinetin, gibberellin and soil conditioners such as humates and fulvates.
Phew, that’s enough science stuff !
It simply means that all of this is natural, organic goodness that will be easily absorbed into whatever plants you want to treat.
Your plants will grow faster and healthier, and your crops should be tastier, containing lots more vitamins, proteins and sugars.
But that’s not all (“Oh no, I hear you sigh”!)
Using this organic wormcast reduces or prevents nitrates and heavy metals building up in your soil – so let’s reclaim some much of the waste ground us people have ruined in the past !

O.K., now let’s get down to the detail you need to know if you’re considering using this biohumus (or wormcast, or vermicompost – you choose.)

To germinate your seeds, just mix 1 part biohumus to 3-4 parts soil.
When you are ready to transplant your veggies or plants, mix 1 part biohumus to 3-5 parts soil.
( Not forgetting those other natural, organic helpers Mycorrhiza, Seaweed and Neem if you really want the healthiest plants and shrubs around, sometimes I quite enjoy the neighbours being envious! )
If your tranplanting potted flowers then I suggest mixing 1 part biohumus to 5-7 parts soil.
You can use your vermicompost to give your indoor plants a bit of oomph too, just spread 20 or 30 ml around the plants every couple of months.
If you general want to improve your soil, or perhaps want to get raised beds or borders ready, just spread about 250 ml of the wormcast over each square metre.

If you would like the detail of the approximate make up (it is totally natural so may vary a bit) of this wormcast in mg per kg it is
Nitrogen (N) 11422, Phosphorus (P) 8258, Potassium (K) 7173.
Micro-elements are:
Fe, Ca, Mn, Mg, Mo, Co, Na, Se, Va, Zn, Cu, B, S, I.
Growth enzymes are Auxin, Gibberellin and Cytokinin.
The humus substances are Humic and Fulvic acid.
It’s pH ranges between 6.5 – 8 and the moisture content is normally 45 – 55%.
(Oh, don’t worry if you come across the odd worm or egg case – it’s natural !)

So what’s not to like ? Oh, I forgot, it's certified organic.

If you would like to add all of the benefits of organic compost to you existing plants, why not water in ' . ' Organic Compost Liquid Extract' . ' - which is a long title for what I think is the most natural and effective organic liquid fertilizer around !

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